Website Design

*All Graphics (including websites, logo designs, and all other graphic designs) require at least a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment in order for the designer to begin the project. *

Level One: This package caters to our small business clients. This package includes a basic portfolio with a maximum of three (3) pages. Price: $400. 


Level Two: This package caters to our mid-sized companies. This package includes an informal website, a space for clients to book appointments, as well as e-commerce. This level allows for a maximum of six (6) pages. Price: $800.

***Package Deal: Level Two + Business portfolio photography session. Price: $850. 

***Photo-shoot Only: $150.


Level Three: This package is tailored towards our large corporations that sit in a competitive market. In this package, we offer a special V.I.P offer that includes unlimited web pages, business photography, custom graphics, public features, e-commerce, admin features, SEO, and social media account creation. Price: $1,000.

Logo Design

Level One: This package is tailored for small businesses. This package includes Basic Texts with a maximum of two (2) colors as well as up to three (3) designs of choice. This package does not include graphics. Price: $300.

*There will be an upcharge imposed for additional colors. 


Level Two: Tailored for Medium Sized businesses. This package includes text and multi-color graphics. Also includes a maximum of three (3) designs of choice. Price: $450. 

*Suitable for t-shirts, merchandise, and/or other business-to-consumer products.


Level Three: Tailored for large businesses that sit in a competitive market. This package includes texts, multi- color graphics, and up to three (3) designs of choice. Price: $600. This package has a more custom and detailed logo that incorporates both text and graphics that stand out for a more holistic marketing capacity.


*A NON-REFUNDABLE 50% Booking Deposit for all Photo-shoots is required in order to hold customers spot.*

*Photography includes events, personal destination shoots, and headshots. *


Two Hour Sessions: Includes one (1) outfit change as well as three (3) hours of photo enhancement. 

  1. Total Price: $150.

  2. Required Booking Deposit: $60.


Five Hour Sessions: Includes a maximum of three (3) outfit changes as well as five (5) hours of photo enhancement.

  1. Price: $600

  2. Required Booking Deposit $240

Eight Hour Sessions: Includes unlimited outfit changes as well as seven (7) hours of photo enhancements.

  1. Price: $1,000.

  2. Required Booking Deposit: $400.

Graphic Design

Funeral Programs, Event Flyers, Invitations/ Announcements, Brochures, Post Cards, Posters, Business Cards, News Letters, T-shirts, and Music Artwork. Price: $100 each.

Menus: Starting at $200

Video Commercials

30 seconds: $500

60 seconds: $800

2 minutes: $1200

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